Saturday, January 1, 2011


We are so grateful for this past year! Blessed beyond measure, we are. Beyond measure.

We are thankful for Jeff's healing from his ski injury in January. We are awed by God's loving guidance toward this adoption of our little one(s) in February. And for His profound protection every step of the way, since.

We enjoyed celebrating our precious three years of marriage together in June. Our various trips to see family blessed us in July and October. The love and support of our family and friends on this journey to parenthood has been overwhelming. But even greater still............

This year's journey to our children has provided us ample opportunities to be reminded ~ in both BIG and small ways ~ of God's immense LOVE. For us. And for our children. His passion and ability to fulfill the desires of our hearts.

God is watching over ALL of us. His desire is to bless us in abundance. His desire is for us to know Him intimately. We are thankful for the ways in which we have come to know Him better over this past year. We are thankful for His blessings. And His love.

May He continue to watch over our children ~ and yours. And all those children waiting to be joined with their FOREVER family. We are excited to watch as He orchestrates our lives. And yours!


Angela said...

Happy New Year sweet friend! I have been thinking about you! Hope all is well and it's about time I am caught up with your blog! :)

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