Saturday, November 6, 2010

Orphan Sunday

TOMORROW IS ORPHAN SUNDAY! And November is Orphan month!

I must admit that we were not as in tune with Orphan Sunday prior to our adoption journey. We are so blessed to have it now be a keen part of our lives! Our hearts for our children and ALL orphans have opened WIDE!

We are SO THANKFUL to God for bringing us closer to our little one(s) with every single day.
Jeff and I are also very thankful for this heaviness God has placed on our hearts ~ He has broken our heart for what breaks His! We are excited to see how God is going to use this new awareness and love for ALL orphans! May we be privileged to be used as His vessels for so many children!

May we all join together and PRAY for ALL children who are without parents. No matter where they live or how they live, they have a Father. Our Heavenly Father! May each one of them experience His love. Every Day.

Please join us in praying for these children daily, but especially tomorrow, Orphan Sunday!

Scroll to bottom of this blog to pause our music playlist. Then scroll back up to this video and press play. ENJOY. Then please PRAY for these children of God!


Lara said...

Hey, this is unrelated entirely but i couldn't find a place to email you! I saw your giveaway and I wanted to let you know about something I am doing that may help you generate interest for your shirts and sweatshirts. Erica from The Road Less Travelled has been helping me and I've put together a giant giveaway/raffle fundraiser, like what she has done in the past. So far tons of stuff has been donated. Half of the proceeds will go to Amazima! Anyway, if you are interested in joining in and donating anything, let me know. I am launching it Monday and it will go for a week.

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