Monday, November 1, 2010

MOVIN' ON UP! Poetry Blender

WOW! Crazy movement these last two weeks! It was SO exciting to see our numbers move up on the list! Number SIX on infant boy list and #9 on sibling list! WOO HOO!

It has been such a blessing to watch so many other families receive court dates (hallelujah!), their referrals (praise God!) and watch families visit their kiddos for the first time and be able to post pictures because they PASSED COURT! Go, GOD!!!

Lord, we come to you and PRAISE you for ALL that you are doing to bring these forever families together! The movement is so exciting to watch and be a part of! Please watch over all these families and their children as the wait for a forever union is anticipated by all! Help encourage those families paper chasing as well. Help them to know that EVERY. STEP. COUNTS!!!

Help us all be able to give our children to you. Help us all put our trust in you. And THANK YOU for watching over all our little ones. Thank you for the reminder that YOU can provide far better care for them than we ever could. For that, we THANK YOU!

We are coming little one(s)! We are coming!


Unknown said...

Wow!!! It won't be long now, right? Can't wait to hear that you have a child!

Unknown said...

I LOVE IT! I LOVE your SUPER LOW Animated Waitlist Numbers!! ♥ Single Digits... Your Call is coming SO sooooon! SOOOO Excited for you! :)

Alison said...

Oh my goodness, ya'll are getting so very close!! I am just so excited!!! Can't wait to hear when you get the call!! :)

Mandie said...

You will see your children very soon. Can't wait until you are up next!

Jodes and Boz said...

Number SIX already!? Seems like just a few weeks ago you were DTE (though I'm sure it feels and WAS much, much longer than that!)!!!
I'm so excited! It was so awesome seeing all the movement lately.

jkseevers said...

Yeah! #6!! That is super close. It's happening, Debb! Giddy with excitement for you guys.

erica said...

You're getting so close!!! So exciting!!!

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