Thursday, November 25, 2010



Such an exciting time of year!.....Leaves turn golden, crispness fills the air, and in some places, snow even begins to fall! {yes, we have snow!}

I cannot believe that THANKSGIVING is already upon us! Jeff and I consciously try to be thankful every single day, for the multiple blessings God bestows upon us. This THANKSGIVING morning, I took a few extra moments to reflect upon God's amazing love and the many ways in which He has blessed our family this year.

Jeff and I are SO EXCITED to be paper pregnant! Although I feel I am experiencing what they refer to as "paper pregnancy hormones," and I can easily laugh one minute, and cry the next, it is ALL PURE JOY! It is JOY because of the road we are on!................the road to Ethiopia to bring our child or children HOME to us FOREVER!

When we started this journey of faith, we thought we would have known by now who our little one(s) are, but that was before Ethiopia became a 2-visit country. We were told from the start that delays were an expected part of adoption. We get that. We accept that. Our anxious hearts will wait for God's perfect timing........we will wait........wanting to hold our child/children in God's timing more than our own.......

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, dear one(s)!

As we wait, we count this journey a big, HUGE BLESSING! We put it on the top of our list for the year! One of the top blessings in both of our lives! We have SOOOO had to lean on God DAILY throughout this, and every time we begin to become self-sufficient, we are quickly brought back to Him, where we re-lay everything at His feet. Including our children.

We are THANKFUL for our precious family. Though we live miles apart, distance does not divide us! We love you and we cherish each one of you! We are THANKFUL for our friends ~ both near and far ~ my, how you bless our lives! We are THANKFUL for my new blog friends ~ amazing how "well" we can come to "know" one another, without meeting face-to-face! We are THANKFUL for our church family. Your love, excitement and support of our adoption has been precious.

We are THANKFUL for the cozy warm home that we are blessed to live in ~ as we think of children living in far less. We are THANKFUL for the BIG meal we are going to eat today ~ wondering if our child/children and other orphans will even get one meal this day. We are THANKFUL for running CLEAN water ~ feeling a heaviness for those who lack this luxury. We are THANKFUL for the LOVE we feel between each other as well as with our family and friends ~ as we reflect upon those children who have no one to call "their own."

As I reflect upon such blessings, I can't help but think of this journey we are all on, called life. I read on today's post over at FAITH BARISTA, I was reminded of our nation's early history, when pilgrims left their homes in search of freedom.

Those of us seeking to live a life for Christ, are on our own Faith Pilgrimage as well.

~ We are special pilgrims on our way to where God is taking us

~ We don't know the lay of the land, but we walk by faith

~ If we knew everything and saw everything so clearly,
we would have no need for faith

~ We leave the familiar behind (self-direction and self-fulfillment)
to experience something greater. GOD-directed and FAITH-filled lives.

May all of us be enjoying our own Faith Pilgrimage. When the way is smooth, as well as when it seems all uphill. May we feel God's presence every step of the way. May we remember that, if we knew exactly God's plan and timing for our lives, there would be no mystery. There would be no risk. There would be no need for faith.

May we all be stepping forward on our own personal pilgrimage of faith. May we praise Him with Thanksgiving in our hearts, for all He has blessed us with. May we be trusting that the Lord's plan is to bless us beyond our wildest imagination. May we be allowing such blessings to flow in our lives.........


Alison said...

Love this Thanksgiving post! Thankful for your friendship!! Hope that ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

erica said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

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