Sunday, October 3, 2010


HERE IT IS! "Meant to Be" is the song that SCC wrote for the new and upcoming video
"It's a Meaningful Life."
Emma, the rhubarb (SCC's daughter's voice) is adopted. This song and movie carries the message that every person is created by God and is meant to be here. Every life has a God-given purpose. There are no mistakes! No, not one of us is a mistake! God knows each and every person, and He meant for us to be here on earth at this time, in this place, for such a purpose as this........

(scroll to bottom of blog ~ hit the "pause" button on our music player ~ scroll back up to this video and click play) ENJOY! I believe the movie gets released in a couple of days ~ Tuesday!


jkseevers said...

Thanks for your comment on our blog.
I'm just getting around to reading your blog. So excited to learn more about your journey. AND,the Veggie movie is out!! We got it yesterday:) Super cute.
Blessings to you guys! and GODSPEED:)


connie said...

Go Veggie Tales! What a great story line!

Mom said...

I saw this on another blog a while back. It's so beautiful!

How are you doing while you are waiting to be on deck? It will be another exciting BIG step when we get that email!! I just can't wait to hold our little Ethiopian daughter!

Big Hugs,

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