Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happpy Anniversary, Honey!

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WOW! THREE YEARS! We have been married for three years! In some ways, it feels as though I have loved you all my life. I dreamed of you as a little girl, and I continued to believe that "you" existed as I continued to wait for "more" in a potential marriage relationship. "You" have existed for as long as I can remember. "You" didn't have a face in my mind's eye, but your presence was so very real. Then, after a long journey to you, God brought placed you by my side. "You" now had a face....and a handsome one, at that! {smile}. You were no longer an image. A dream. You had finally become real! The man I had always loved, was YOU!

Honey, I do so love looking into your eyes and seeing your love for me. Oh, how I LOVE how you love me! :o) It is true that when I look at you, I see God's love for me. Your love for me is God's Divine love in human form. Please know that I not only recognize this, but I thank you for your selfless, patient, passionate love you so willingly give to me. Every day.

I see how you strive to put me first. I take note how you sacrifice for me when life asks you to. I watch how hard you work to provide such a wonderful life for me, us, and our family-to-be. I witness your desire and effort to protect me from sadness, sorrow or struggle. I feel the comfort you so often extend throughout life's happenings. Your heart is open to me. Your love is true. Your arms enfold me and give me that safe place to let down my guard. To trust. To love. I love you for this, and for so much more than words can say.

As the song says, I have never been more sure of anything like I am in this moment here with you. I thought my heart couldn't be any more full on our wedding day. That I couldn't possibly love you more than I did right then. I was wrong. I have enjoyed falling more and more in love with you every day since we married! I really mean it when I say that you were SO worth the long wait! {sigh} We are living proof that "Dreams really do come true!" {HUGE grin}

My heart's desire is to live out each and every day showing you how very much I love, cherish and appreciate you. I vowed to stand by you no matter what life brings, and I am overjoyed to hold your hand and walk beside you in this glorious journey of life. Together. I will hold you up when you need me to. I will rest in your arms when you want me to. I will freely skip alongside you, laughing all the way down each trail in our life. You are real. I am blessed to grow old with you.

Every day, may my life show you how deeply I meant those words, "I Do!" three years ago.

And how intensely I still mean them today......


Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

Debb said...

Thanks a bunch for the Anniversary Love! :o)

Meliski said...

Happy anniversary!

I was checking out your adoption timeline and you guys are right in line with us. Maybe we will be in ET around the same time! :)

Thanks so much for your cookie cutter purchase, I just may have to reciprocate and buy a tshirt!


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