Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I just learned some heart-breaking news! Ethiopia became a two travel country for adoption today! This means that about 4-8 weeks after receiving our referral, we will now be required to travel to Ethiopia for our Court Date. We will need to stay in Ethiopia 5-7 days and then return home. About 10-12 weeks later, we will be allowed to return to Ethiopia to get our son. Families often have more than one Court Date, but we will only be required to both be present at the first one, to testify our desire and commitment to our adopted son!

It sounds as though we will be able to meet our little guy while over there on the first visit, which will then allow him to arrive in the US as a US Citizen on an IR-3 visa. Great news. However, I cannot imagine getting to meet our son, hold and love on him.......and have to LEAVE him there for another 2-3 MONTHS! How will our hearts handle that!?!?!?!???!???? Other countries do require this, and we found it to be a blessing that Ethiopia did not have that requirement. Now it does. Oh, yeah.... and this double travel will add another $7000 to the cost of everything! I am stunned. I am so shocked. What a hard day!

May God oversee the logistics of all of this and help bring us together with our son! May He help bring together so many other forever families with their child/ren as well! Help me release the worries and the stress of this to You, Lord. Please take it from me and lift the heaviness on my heart..........


Mandie said...

Such hard news. The world of adoption changes everyday. I'm thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.

Unknown said...

Jeff and Debb: Our hearts ache with yours, but knowing there are others going through this, gives us some comfort. God gives us only as much as we can handle. Knowing that our grandson will someday be with you and be part our family gives us such joy. In the big picture, you will look back on this and take strength in the knowledge that it is all in the past and that you can handle anything life gives you. We love you.

Mom and Dad

Debb said...

Thanks for the prayers, Mandie! I know you understand the ups/downs of adoption.....and the awesome reward in the end! :o) Still praying for you and your newest adoption adventure too!

AWWWWWW, Jenni......your blog comment is beautiful!!!!! Means the WORLD to us! Thanks for commenting and for having the heart to stand behind us in this adoption......even when it gets tough. We know that God already knows who are son is, and we just cannot leave him over there because it gets emotionally or financially tough for us. Somehow God will help us through this process, but having your support, encouragement and love will sure help us with each step along the way!

Love to you and Walt,

C Sommer said...

You guys are amazing! You are on my heart and I am praying for you. Your parents seem so precious as well...I pray His presence would sustain you through this time of longing and perserverance...He is soooo good...I can tell when I look at you two! Sean

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